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A heads up about current Scams:

HMRC will never email you to tell you about a refund of tax, never follow the links. There is another one saying it is a European Directory of VAT Registration numbers. Anyone following their links and giving their VAT numbers automatically enters into a contract with this scammer and becomes liable to fees over £700 per year for 2 years. It comes in by fax & looks very official. So, be aware.

Pensions Auto Enrolment:

After 2017 there will be no more staging dates issued. As soon as you take on an employee you will have to have a Pensions Scheme in place to offer and you must be compliant with The Pensions Regulator as soon as possible. The Pensions Regulator will give you as much assistance as you need to meet your compliance times but you must cooperate fully with them, The fines start at £400 for non compliance.

Monthly Newsletter Extracts:

Coming soon... There will be some extracts from the monthly news letter from Cyan Publishing Services, “Small Business, Tax & Finance” (By kind permission)


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